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Nicki Minaj Worried About First-Week Sales

Posted By on October 27, 2010

     Young Money CEO Mack Maine recently spoke about Nicki Minaj and how she has already started worrying about her first-week sales numbers for her "Pink Friday" debut album. According to Maine, Minaj is looking at labelmate Drake's numbers and wondering how the numbers will translate to her.

     "She was worrying about first week. She was like, 'Drake sold [463,000]. What you think I'ma sell? As if she gon' sell less," recalls Maine. "I explained to her, 'You know a lot of the press and the media really got it brainwashed with first week sales.' Bieber went on to sell 2 million and Bieber might have only sold 17,000 the first week. Juvenile sold like 30,000 his first week of 400 Degreez and went on to sell 6 million…I don't know what happened to working the record and making sure that the artist reaches a certain point. I rather the end number be higher than the beginning. These days, it's all about: Let me do 500,000, a million the first week. Don't get caught up in what Wayne did. You don't want your pinnacle to be your first-week sales. Then everything's downhill from there and then what? I don't care if you sell 10 the first week and you go on to sell 5 million–we did better than the person that sold 300 the first week." (VIBE)

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