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Nicki Minaj Releases Another Alter Ego

Posted By on November 1, 2010

     Young Money's first lady, Nicki Minaj, recently let fans know that she plans to unleash another alter ego on her upcoming debut album, "Pink Friday." According to Nicki, the personality will be the mother figure to her "Roman Zolanski" character.

     "There is a person introduced on Pink Friday — it's Roman's mother," Minaj said during her "RapFix Live" interview. "Roman has a mother." The "Right Thru Me" lyricist assured fans they'll love Roman's mom, Martha, but they have to wait until the album drops next month to check out the elder Zolanski. "You gotta wait," Minaj insisted. "You gotta wait for November 22 to meet Martha, but you're gonna love her. You're gonna absolutely adore her." Just don't get too attached to the Martha moniker, as Minaj said she may switch it up for the album. "I may change her name," she said. "I just made up her name on the spot." (Rap Fix)


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