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Nicki Minaj My Time Now (Documentary)

Posted By on November 29, 2010

     Nicki Minaj recently previewed her new "My Time Now" documentary, a one-hour special that followed her on the road leading up to the release of her debut "Pink Friday" album. Now a few music industry expects have reacted, check out their thoughts along with 2 clips from the show below.

“'My Time Now’ helped justify all of Nicki’s antics and really helped to humanize the Barbie,” says Mike Yi, Assistant Music Editor of Vibe.com. “People who weren’t really sure of her artistry and the different characteristics can see that it’s 100%  who she really is. She’s not just doing this to sell records.”

“For the fans, skeptics, and those of us stuck somewhere in the middle, the documentary was a peek into the world and mindset of Onika Miraj and how she’s used her rap moniker as a catalyst to support her family,” says journalist Latifah Muhammad of AOL Music. “Yes, we all know that Nicki can spit, but it was great to see that she’s also a business-minded person who wants nothing more than to see those closest to her happy.”

Nicki Minaj – My Time Now (Experts Respond)


Nicki Minaj – My Time Now (MTV Documentary)