Nicki Minaj Takes A Break To Finish Debut Album

Nicki Minaj Takes A Break To Finish Debut Album

    The first lady of Young Money, rapper Nicki Minaj, recently announced her plans to slow down her tour runs and head into the studio for a few months so she can focus on finishing her debut album. According to Nicki, her main focus is putting together a "classic" album. "The [album], that's what I'm actually getting ready to work on because I've been on the road for such a long time, I'm taking a complete hiatus for the next couple months, unfortunately, for all the promoters giving crazy offers," Minaj told DJ Whoo Kid. "And I've been turning every one because I have to put my foot down for the next few months and deliver a classic album and I already have stuff and I can't wait for the world to hear." [Nicki Minaj Says Shes Done Touring For A While So She Can Go Back To The Studio – Listen Here]

     Nicki Minaj continued "All the stuff we talk about is fun and games and all that but the music is what's most important and I don't want all the people to be distracted by the other stuff and so I'm gonna take a break and when I come back you guys will have some very, very great music." [Nicki Minaj Wants To Finish Her Debut Album – Listen Here]

Nicki Minaj – Says Album Done, Taking Hiatus From Music


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