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Obie Says BET Banned Him Over Shady Issues

Posted By on December 16, 2009

    Former Shady Records artist Obie Trice says that BET blackballed his music in the past after Eminem did not show up at their annual awards shows. Obie says that Eminem's highly publicized performance back in 2006 was set-up in order to get his records played again on the network. "I can only talk about my last album, Second Round's On Me. There was a lot of things going on with that record as far as promotion-wise and the marketing scheme of the record, and then a bunch of issues with MTV not playing my lead single with Akon, and that kind of hindered things — we needed that video look," Trice explained in an interview.

    "BET wouldn't play the video because Eminem had missed the BET Awards three years in a row, so he had to shake hands with them, kiss and make up with them by going back to the BET Awards with Busta Rhymes that one year to fix that situation so we can get music played. So honestly, it's the push of the label, the push of the radio playing the music and just working the record. Some people work records, and if it ain't an instant hit they leave it alone. That's kind of like Interscope's format. You have other labels that work records for six months–they believe in this record, and they believe in that record. So it's just about the mechanics behind the whole situation, I believe."

    UPDATE: A lot of readers and followers of this story seem to be getting the point wrong. Obie isn't and never was blaming Eminem, he was explaining the situation at the time. Obie was NOT blaming Eminem, period. He was saying that BET had a problem with Shady Records as a company and his record just happen to be coming out at that time, so they took it out on his album slash play time. Obie was trying to explain the situation behind his music not being played, saying BET was trying to fix an issue they had with Shady Records, this had nothing to do with Eminem, or Obie in ANY way blaming Eminem. Read to learn, learn to read!

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