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Obie’s Special Reserve Could Be A Double

Posted By on December 20, 2009

    Obie Trice only released his new "Special Reserve" album a few days ago but MoSS, executive producer of the album, is already talking about a possible follow up. According to the producer, they still have a lot more unreleased material, however they aren't sure they will release a "Special Reserve 2" yet. "I mean, we have more material but I'm not sure," MoSS says. "The bonus track, we had put it out in the 90's and so the people that picked up on our music back then, we were able to show them a different side of that song. I saw it on YouTube a few times with people making a video with the original — but this was a way for us to give them something, for the people that were checking for us back then. We have more material but I don't see that material ever coming out in the future, in my opinion. Things could change, but I don't see it. [Special Reserve 2] is something me and Obie would have to talk about and obviously he would have to see how things go with his records. I guess I can say as an artist, it won't not happen, but I can't say it's gonna happen" [MoSS – Talks Possible Special Reserve 2 From Obie Trice – Watch Here]

    Previously, Obie Trice blessed us with another exclusive track sending me over "Da Streets" adding "I'm not holding on to sh*t anymore, f*ck it!" Obie recently released "Special Reserve," a new project he teamed up with producer MoSS for. [Producer MoSS Talks About Obie Trice's "Special Reserve" – Watch Here]

     New Obie Trice Songs: "Da Streets" ; "Dope, Jobs, Homeless" ; "CoolCats" & "4 Stories"

MoSS – Talks New Obie Trice "Special Reserve" Album