Olivia Says No Sex BUT 50 Does Owe Her Money

Olivia Says No Sex BUT 50 Does Owe Her Money

     Former member of the infamous G-Unit, singer Olivia recently sat down with radio DJ's Star and Buckwild to speak about all the rumors going around that involve her past relationship with 50 Cent. Demanding that she had no sexual relationship with the G-Unit leader, Olivia did say that 50 Cent still owes her money.

"What sexual thing," Olivia asked Star when he mentioned their past sexual relationship. "I still call him Fif. But what sexual thing? [laughs] [Did he knock it down?] No. No. Everybody says that about all of them and that's the thing that pisses me off. [Did he ever have my ankles around my neck?] No. No. [Does 50 owe me any money?] Kind of. I know you're usually honest. [Does he owe me a little money?] Yeah. [Six figures?] Yeah. Yeah. [50 Cent owes me money?] Yeah. We've had the conversation though. [Is he going to pay up?] I mean, I don't know what's going on with that." ("Star & Buckwild")

Olivia – Talks G-Unit Sex Rumors With Star And Buckwild


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