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Andre 3000 Says Ke$ha Could Be A Rapper

Posted By on February 9, 2011

     Pop singer Ke$ha recently spoke with Rolling Stone Magazine about her new collaboration with Outkast's own Andre 3000 called "Sleazy." Ke$ha spoke about how she was able to get the Grammy Award-winning rapper to do a song with her adding that he said she could even be a rapper.

"I sent him the track and was fully aware that he's only been on a few songs in the past five years. But he ended up liking it. We got on the phone, and he said, 'With a flow like that, you could definitely hve a career as a rapper.' It was the biggest compliment I've ever had. It was coming from a god! He's one of my favorite musicians, lyricists, rappers, of all time." (Rolling Stone) 

Ke$ha, Andre 3000 – Sleazy