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Big Boi Speaks On Egypts Revolution (Video)

Posted By on February 15, 2011

     Outkast's own Big Boi recently spoke about the revolution in Egypt and how he tries to stay positive. Speaking about the recent events in Egypt, Big Boi expanded into rappers should not mix political ideas in their rhymes.

"It's because the mainstream is controlled by a darker force…Positivity sometimes never gets to see the light of day. Egypt Egypt is a really true representation of power to the people. Imagine, in the United States right now, there's a top one percent that are the richest people in the world and there's 99% of us that are below that. The same thing that happened in Egypt can happen anywhere. I do mean, anywhere."

     The Grammy Award-winning rapper went on to add..

"People should be governed by the people, not by corporations."
"Everybody needs to get closer to the one and only Jesus Christ. That's all you've gotta do. You just gotta pray and stay on the positive operations."

Big Boi – Speaks On Egypt Revolution