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Big Boi Explains One-Album Deal With Def Jam

Posted By on March 29, 2010

    Outkast-long-time member Big Boi recently sat down to talk about his new deal with Def Jam Records, event taling about the new Outkast album. "It was a lot of behind the scenes, label politics," Boi told hip-hop personality Gyant referring to his album delay. "A lot of people don't know, we started at LaFace Records with LA Reid…as of maybe three weeks ago [Jive] gave me the opportunity to take the album elsewhere, I called my big brother LA Reid, he said meet me in Miami the next day. We flew to Miami, played him the music, he said let's do it, deal is done..I'm not even concerned about nothing but me. People might say [Def Jam] doesn't have any hot artists but he got the number one record with Ludacris' last week…my album is a musical nuclear bomb…The OutKast album, I can't really say which label it'll be on because I really don't know which label it's gonna fall. I'm gonna put my solo album out first, Dre is working with his solo album right now…"

Big Bio Of Outkast Explains New Deal With Def Jam