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Big Boi Gives Upcoming Artists Advice

Posted By on May 7, 2010

     Hip Hop veteran Big Boi of Outkast recently sat down to give advice to upcoming rappers, saying they should keep themselves relevant and stay competitive but most of all be original. "The most important thing I can say to the next generation of hip-hop is to be different than everything else," Boi said in an interview DJ Smallz. "Myself and Andre 3000 built our careers, the name of our f*cking group is OutKast, we never ever wanted to be like nobody else. We always wanted to have our own thing, our own sound, not be cliche and just have your own thing. So if you bring originality to the game, you're going to get noticed more, you gonna get noticed. You don't want to be a copycat and do what everybody else is doing because it's a million, billions rappers doing the same thing. So if you bring something new to the table, you'll get noticed quicker but you got to be dope. You gotta do it for the right reasons man — don't just do it for financial gain because it's gonna be harder to win that way. Do it because you love it and put your heart to it…80 percent of the n*ggas on the radio sound the same. Sound different and I'm telling you, you'll stand out in a crowd."

Big Boi – Gives Advice To Upcoming Rap & Hip Hop Artists