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Killer Mike Talks TI; Says Andre 3000 Is Back

Posted By on July 20, 2011

     Killer Mike recently spoke about many topics, including Outkast's own Andre 3000 who he says is back like he never left. Despite not confirming, or denying, a new album from Outkast, Killer Mike said…

“The homie Big [Boi], we back in the studio working, so I’m excited, I’m happy. Dre called me a few days ago, too. Then we all hooked up at Big Boi’s house on the 4th,” he said, addressing the rumor that Outkast was linking back up for a new LP. “I heard that rumor. I’m praying it’s true. I heard it. I know Dre’s back rapping, I can confirm that. He told me, ‘Man, I’m back at it like a crack addict.’”

     Mike went on to speak about keeping in touch with fellow Georgia rapper T.I. and how he tries to communicate with the Grand Hustle leader as much as possible.

“Not as often because, I mean, we speak, but I have to email and then I have to get somebody else’s email because I’m not on a list. We was on tour until April 19th, so we couldn’t talk to nobody. But he good. We talkin’ about what we gon’ do to y’all motherfuckers. That man coming out rapping.”

Killer Mike – Talks Andre 3000 Rap Return, T.I.