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Big Boi Reacts To Rihanna’s Interview

Posted By on November 9, 2009

    Legendary Outkast member Big Boi recently shared his reaction to Rihanna's televised interview over the weekend, adding that he also retweeted his fans opinions through his Twitter account. From Big Boi's perspective, Chris Brown's physical attack on then time girlfriend Rihanna last February is simply inexcusable, period. "My thing was, people kept sending me messages asking me what I think so I asked 'em what they think," Boi said. "I was just posting comments to what people were saying, you know, it was surprising to me how many people were like, 'Maaan,' they were like, 'Maaan.' But hey man, everything is marketing and promotion and whatever, you know. Nothing excuses violence against women at all. Eh man, I just wanted to know what the people were thinking, that's why I just got on the whole social networking thing because you can get the true thoughts and feelings of the people out there that are really consuming the music." [Big Boi Talks Rihanna's Interviews & Chris Brown Incident – Watch Here]'

    In related news, Rihanna's full interview on "20/20" hit the net yesterday [watch here]. In which Rihanna described the night in question. "I was battered. I was bleeding. I was swollen in my face. There was no
way of me getting home. My next option was to get out the car and start
walking in a gown and a bloody face. So I really don't know what was my
plan. I didn't have a of my plan," she adds profoundly. [Rihanna's FULL "20/20" Interview On Chris Brown – Watch Here:] plan," she says. "That whole night was not part

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