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Big Boi Still On Jive; Leftfoot Album Coming

Posted By on December 7, 2009

    In July Big Boi announced that he was leaving Jive Records and signing with Def Jam saying the only thing holding it up was paper work adding "the lawyers just have to finish their lawyering." Later the Atlanta rapper clarified that his upcoming new "Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" album would not drop on Def Jam. Now Big Boi's publicist is setting the record straight saying the Outkast member is STILL with Jive Records and the long-time home for the rapper would be releasing his new "leftfoot" album. [Big Boi Performs New Song From UPcoming Album – Watch Here]

    As we previously reported, Big Boi talked about his situation. "It's not even on Def Jam," Boi explained in an
interview. "It's not even on Def Jam. I was in a little situation, the
[journalist] jumped in the interview, we was in the midst of talks and
then in the midst of that, some more things happened and we in a great
situation right now. That'll be announced very soon. The album should
be out I think — in about 12 weeks maybe. So you know, it's coming
real soon." [Big Boi Talks Labels – Watch Here]

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