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Big Boi Talks Kanye & President Bush (Video)

Posted By on December 23, 2010

     Outkast's own Big Boi recently weighed in on the huge debate over former President Georgia W Bush and his efforts to address the 2005 hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans. Big Boi talked about Kanye's comments and how Bush saying that was the lowest point is simply the lie.

"Man, everybody knows that's bullsh*t," Big Boi said when asked about Bush calling out West for his 2005 remarks. "There were so many other things going on besides him going and taking out the whole Saddam Hussein family, not catching the Taliban, to the gas prices going up to the economy going into the sh*tter. So to say that Kanye West's comment was his low point, everybody knows that's some bullsh*t. [Would I apologize if I were Kanye?] F*ck no. I wouldn't apologize for nothing." (Hard Knock TV)

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