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Outkast & Playboy

Posted By on October 7, 2003

New York, NY, October 7, 2003 – Grammy-winning duo André 3000 and Big Boi of OutKast have often been credited with taking hip-hop music to places it hadn’t been before. Recently, the funky music masters entered some unfamiliar territory as well by taking on the role of Playboy photographers for an exclusive Playboy.com shoot.

A wee k before their genre-defying double CD Speakerboxxx/The Love Below hit the airwaves and topped the charts, Playboy.com brought two tempting models to “Stankonia,” OutKast’s Atlanta recording complex. The duo wasted no time getting behind the cameras and posing the Playboy models in their own private photo shoots. André hunkered down in the mixing booth with gorgeous Venezuelan model Alejandra Lares while partner Big Boi spread out in his cavernous recording studio with flexible Georgia model Jordan Cornelius.

As the photo shoots heated up, both musicians humorously focused on the task at hand and tried to master the art of nude photography. “I have to keep going. Think about football,” the tentative André joked out loud, trying not to get carried away by the naked woman in front of him. “Football, basketball, baseball. It keeps you going.” Big Boi jokingly suggested he might give up music to become a professional photographer: “I’m thinking about putting in an application for Playboy. I’ll be your full-time Celebrity Photographer.”

Both André 3000’s and Big Boi’s pictorials, plus behind-the-scenes photographs and steamy video from the sessions can be seen only in the Playboy Cyber Club (), Playboy.com‘s subscription site. Previews of both celebrity pictorials — along with juicy “Dirty Dozen” interviews with both artists — are available exclusively on Playboy.com.

Playboy.com‘s Guest Celebrity Photographer feature is enjoying increasing popularity with some of today’s top names in entertainment angling to get in on the action. Previous celebrity photographers include multi-platinum rapper Nelly, DMX, Ja Rule, Xzibit, NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr., Carmen Electra, rocker Tommy Lee and Korn frontman Jonathan Davis.