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Outkast Revives Poloroid

Posted By on February 27, 2004

The Polaroid picture company is enjoying a revived public image, courtesy of the multi-platinum duo, Outkast.

Though the company says it had no idea its name would appear in the song, they quickly took the opportunity to break bread with Outkast for an official endorsement. The instant cameras were then featured during television performances by the duo, including They held the cameras at the Grammy Awards, Saturday Night Live and the Vibe Awards.

“We certainly have enjoyed the publicity,” Polaroid spokesman Skip Colcord said. “We’re very thankful for the different brand exposure the song has given us.”

Polaroid’s sales figures aren’t published publicly and they won’t disclose whether the Outkast revival has translated to sales. But the awareness and publicity generated will definitely position the company to compete for the spending power of the trendy, youth market.