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Diddy Says Crack Music Was For Him

Posted By on January 7, 2010

    Diddy recently revealed that Kanye West's 2005 song "Crack Music" was first meant to be for his last solo album. According to G.O.O.D. Music (Kanye's Company) artist Consequence, the track was inspire by Sean Combs. "And I gotta keep it one hundred while we in the studio," Cons said in a studio session with Diddy, "here's a fun fact for you. Puff Daddy inspired 'Crack Music' from [Kanye West's] Late Registration. I gotta keep it one hundred. Shout-outs to my brother Ye, you already know how we do, [laughs], when we was in the studio in L.A., we was getting it in, we was getting it in shaking. A couple heat rocks came outta that session." [Consequence Talks Past Kanye Tracks Meant For Diddy – Watch Here]

    Diddy added that the song was first for his 2006 "Press Play" album. "That right there is off of Press Play," Diddy said referring to his 2006 album. "But you know I ain't gonna lie, that was better for Ye's album. You know what I'm saying? They hit that 'Crack Music' and that was wooo. We making that field n*gga sh*t. n*gga. We aint' f*cking with none of them house n*ggas. Sh*t is real chocolately, real motherf*cking blue black…We ain't talking about race, we talking about music. That black soulful, black recession, broke, gut grenching, motherf*cking make a baby, get your feet swoll up, dancing on the dance floor." [Diddy Talks Kanye West Track – Watch Here]

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