Diddy Reveals All, Talks BIG/Pac Beef & More

Diddy Reveals All, Talks BIG/Pac Beef & More

     Diddy took to his video blog to release a series of confessional videos [watch here], revealing personal experiences he shared with Biggie Smalls. Diddy says that B.I.G. was actually supposed to be in London when he was killed in L.A. “That morning I got a call from Biggie" [watch here] "[he] said I’m not going to London,. I just finished my album; I want to hang out with you tonight. There’s a party tonight I wanna celebrate. I was like come on Big get on the plane you have to go get on the plane. He was like I’ll go tomorrow, just tell ‘em I’m sick please.” [watch here]

     Diddy even went on to talk about the infamous beef between Biggie and Tupac saying when the two rappers met they “hit it off like grade school children.” [watch here]. Diddy says B.I.G.'s "Who Shot Ya" wasn't aimed at 2 Pac saying “When the whole East/West thing started we were caught off guard and that broke my mans heart, he did not make ‘Who Shot Ya’ about Tupac, that freestyle was done a long long time ago.” [watch here]

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