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Diddy Reacts To Haiti In New Video Blog

Posted By on January 18, 2010

    Sean "Diddy" Combs recently returned to posting videos on his blog as the hip hop mogul recently posted an open message about the overall emotions he has felt since last week's disaster in Haiti. Diddy says he found it very difficult when he tried to face the reality of the post-earthquake status in Haiti. "Words can't explain how heavy my heart has been since the earthquake happened, how so much pain I think we've all been in just watching the images, how helpless you feel," Diddy explained in his recording.

    "Even if you donate, we have to keep donating money, I've donated money, please keep donating money — this is gonna be a long journey. It's not gonna stop here, news is like what's going on this week. This is something we're gonna have to pay attention to for years. These are people we are gonna have to help for years. We're gonna have to find the passion in our hearts to always be there for them — let us pray, let us tap into our belief in God, I don't care if you're Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, that one God that you believe in, let's give our Haitian brothers and sisters that extra twenty minutes on our knees…"

Diddy – Message For/To Haiti