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Machine Gun Kelly talks Arrest and Diddy Reaction

Posted By on January 31, 2012

The new up and coming rapper that recently signed to Bad Boy, Machine Gun Kelly, talks about getting arrested this past weekend in Florida. Not only did he get arrested but his boss, Diddy, hit twitter and seemed pretty pissed at the news that MGK got locked up.

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly's tour took an unexpected stop early this morning — to jail … after he was busted by police in Florida for misdemeanor disorderly conduct. According to the website for the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, MGK (real name Richard Baker) was busted at 4:12 AM and released a few hours later after posting $100 bond. MGK is currently touring and played the State Theatre in St. Petersburg last night. His next tour date is in Los Angeles on February 8. (TMZ)

Shortly after he was released MGK took to twitter to talk about his jail time.

"Just spent my entire night in a fucking Florida jall…sh*t escaladed way to quick last night, it always does with us though.," he tweeted January 29th.

"Thanking God that only half of us went to jail, that @216XPLOSIVE is outta the hospital, and that we get to go back to Cleveland today…"

"The weirdest part of it was how many inmates in there knew who I was and knew about the movement. It was some trippy sh*t. Lace the F*CK up" (Machine Gun Kelly's Twitter)

Once news started spreading about MGK's lockup Diddy took to his twitter to find out what happened.

"Did anyone hear waht hapopened to @machinegunkelly tonight???!!! Did he get arrested?????!!!!!! Wt," Diddy tweeted January 30th.

"@machinegunkelly where the f*ck are you at? Are you ok? Do you need Bail or a lawyer?????!! Eveyrone hit him to see if he's ok!"

"@machinegunkelly WtF!!!!!! Call me at miami crib now!!!!! Everyone hit him and tell him to call me NOW!!!!! Pls thanks!!!!" (Diddy's Twitter)

Then yesterday MGK talked to MTV News about Diddy's reaction and the missunderstanding.

"You can tell he's, like, playful with it, but there's a serious tone behind [it]," Machine Gun Kelly told MTV News on Monday (January 30) about his boss' reaction to the incident in a Florida club that led to the arrest. "I talked to Puff today, and he's like, 'It's all good. Do what you do. You did what you had to do.' …" On Friday night, one of MGK's friends was caught drunk driving and got into a car crash; Kells was not present, but try explaining that to Diddy. "He thought I was in the car too, so he thought I got arrested twice. It was like the first arrest was cool, like, all right, he'll let it slide. But when he [thought it was two arrests], he was like, 'What the f—? You got arrested two times? Something is wrong with you, man,' " MGK said, imitating one of Puff's patented tantrums. "He was, like, spazzing out. I think all the label is on edge about how we rock." (MTV News)