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Black Rob Calls Out Diddy & Bad Boy (Video)

Posted By on February 8, 2011

     Former Bad Boy Records artist Black Rob recently came forward to discuss his former label and it's head honcho, Diddy. During a recent interview with FutureIMag, Black Rob says that Diddy and Bad Boy Records basically "Left him for dead."

"Once I caught my bid – or whatever the case may be, [Bad Boy Records] was like 'fuck you.' We're gonna use Black Rob as a springboard for this [Notorious B.I.G. project] – which flopped by the way," the "Whoa" rapper said, referring to 2005's Duets: The Final Chapter album, posthumously released. The album was released six months after Rob's sophomore, The Black Rob Report, a critically-supported album that lacked the success of his 2000 debut. Noting that his longtime label-mate has been dead for nearly a decade, Rob continued, "But it wasn't Biggie's fault. It was just a point where they said 'Fuck The Black Rob Report…Bad Boy left me for dead." (FutureiMag)

     Black Rob says it wasn't a financial issue, rather just simply support but either way he feels that he should be placed before artists like Rick Ross, Red Cafe and Nicki Minaj.

"It wasn't like I needed money or anything from anybody. I had money – still got money. It wasn't a money thing, They did nothing to keep my name alive. They took me off their website, just left me for dead."
"I'm not second to [Rick] Ross, I'm not second to Red Cafe, I'm not second to Nicki [Minaj]. Nobody. I'm B.R. That's it, nigga!" (FutureiMag)

Black Rob Says “Bad Boy Left Me For Dead”