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Diddy Says Goodbye To Lil Wayne

Posted By on March 3, 2010

     Hip Hop's main mogul took to a camera to bid farewell to Lil Wayne as he prepares to begin his jail sentence. Diddy says that Lil Wayne's absence from the rap game will be noticed. "I think we gonna miss a certain energy that Wayne has," Diddy said. "The beauty about it is, he'll be back, and hopefully he'll come back a better person. Whenever we get in trouble, we're in the public spotlight. So hopefully there's a lot of kids out there who could learn from any mistakes that we may have put ourselves in, even if we're not guilty of the crime sometimes. We are human. People have to learn: 'Make sure you know where you're going, who you riding with, what the situation is.' We're targets.

     Diddy finishes up "I'm just happy he doesn't have to do a lot of time and that he'll be out, and hopefully he'll use the time wisely and use it in a positive way."

Diddy – Says Goodbye To Lil Wayne