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Diddy Will Be On American Idol Next Week

Posted By on March 26, 2010

      Rapper slash producer slash hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs will be on America's top and biggest television show next week, "American Idol." Taking to his twitter page, Diddy let all his fans know the news saying "Live on the American Idol stage, its the D.I.D.D.Y.. Its Diddy!! Next Wed March 31st!! Tune in folks!! RT Pls.," he wrote Thursday (March 25).

     Diddy will be performing an "up-tempo" song from his upcoming "Last Train To Paris" album, which should hit stores on June 22nd. This won't be Diddy's only television appearance as he will also be performing "Hello, Good Morning" on Fox's "American Idol Wednesday" next week. The "up-tempo" song mentioned will feature fellow rapper T.I. and Diddy's Dirty Money group, no word on if they will also be on the show but it will definitely get Diddy major spins during the NCAA tournament.

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