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Styles p Talks Lox Album Deal Still Not Done

Posted By on March 29, 2010

     One member of The Lox rap group recently talked about their upcoming deal with P Diddy and Bad Boy, saying that it still isn't done. Although it's a one-album set up, it seems to be taking them a while to get things signed. Beyond the delayed deal, Styles talked about producer Dame Grease working on the upcoming proect.

     "Ain't nobody vocal, we ain't signed to Puff yet," Styles told radio host Jenny Boom Boom. "We LOX and even if we was, I think everybody respects us to know we do what we do. It's still possible, it's still possible, you know paper work is paper work. It's like y'all job, it ain't official until you sign the contract, right? Nobody's saying it's 'not' a go, but nothing's a go until the contract is signed and I don't know what other way to tell you than that. It's not a go until everything is inked down. Dame Grease is gonna be on it [producing,] we looking to work with all kinds of hot producers."

Styles P – Talks Deal With Diddy Not Being Finished