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Sheek Louch Talks D-Block Teaming With Diddy

Posted By on June 18, 2009

    D-Block member Sheek Louch recently confirmed that his group will once again team up with Diddy to release this upcoming album. Sheek says that their age and experience will help them with their business partnership with Diddy. "We're grown now," Sheek said in an interview. "No man can do anything to me if I don't let it happen. Whatever happens, I have to put blame on myself first before I blame anyone else. And not saying that he's going to do that or anything like that. We're all in a better space now and I want to learn to make that big money and do it real big. So he'll be dealing with us with this album. He wants to put the project out and add his part on to things but we're going to do what we do and deliver that fire. Sh*t, we all come too far not to be able to do what we do."

    In related news a new song featuring Sheek Louch recently hit the net. "Magnum Force" [listen here] from Wu-Tang's U-God also features Jim Jones so make sure you [listen here]