Diddy Responds To 50 Cent.. Kind Of

Diddy Responds To 50 Cent.. Kind Of

     Well Diddy has responded to 50 Cent…kind of. Last week we reported that 50 Cent had made some statements about how he feels Diddy rapping isn't hot, adding he's not an artist. Now Diddy responded while on live on BET. Although he did not say 50's name, Diddy says "Hate is for suckas… You know who I'm talking to."

     Check out footage of Diddy making his "response" along with the original 50 Cent interview in which he made the statements about Diddy below!

Diddy – Responds To 50 Cent Hating On His Rap



50 Cent – Says Diddy Rapping In Not Hot For Hip Hop


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