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Diddy A Distraction For Twitter

Posted By on August 21, 2009

    Sean Combs, better known to everyone as "Diddy," had his secret documents leaked online that claim he was once in talks to join forces with social networking giant Twitter as an "advisor." Leaking this morning (August 21) by a hacker who broke into Diddy's company files,  the documents show that Twitter considered hiring Diddy to develop an entertainment strategy but  it never happened causing tension between the company and Diddy.

    Not only did the documents show that Diddy once almost partnered with Twitter, but they also labeled him as a "distraction." The documents also showed how much everyone has been courting Twitter. The agenda topics for a Twitter management meeting on April 16th of this year include names like Diddy, Oprah, Marissa Mayer, Microsoft, 4Chan, not to mention a who's who list of silicon valley heads. "Diddy values his contribution higher than we do," read the meeting minutes. In an earlier meeting on April 2, other potential advisors discussed included Shaq and Al Gore (presumably both would receive advisor shares as well).