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Diddy Talks Remaining Relevant

Posted By on September 15, 2009

     Diddy recently discussed what exactly has kept his Bad Boy Records label successful after almost twenty years and even why artists like Jay-Z and himself remain relevant as they get close to their 40th birthdays. "With me and Jay, you gonna have to get down or lay down anyway," Diddy
said in an interview. "There's other rules to this game that you gonna
have to abide by. At the end of the day, we understand. We understand
the importance of telling the truth. If you're just getting into the
game, you're probably telling a lie anyway because you're telling
somebody else's game," Diddy says.

     Diddy went on to discuss what it takes for an artist to remain popular within the music industry that constantly evolves.  "If we still here, we're still here because we're telling the truth. Number two, we have relationships, and number three, we still know how to make hit records. That's what this thing is about. You could be five years old, 70 years old — you make a hit record, it's gonna stand the test of time. It's something the game has to get used to."