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Study Says Celebrities Do Influence Voters

Posted By on October 21, 2008

    A new study released today says that celebrities like Diddy, Beyonce and Halle Berry do in fact influence young adults vote. The study, based on a survey done by 305 students at Washington State University, conflicts with most polls that claim celebrity endorsements of presidential candidates are unlikely to sway undecided voters in any direction.

    For the 2004 presidential election, Diddy founded the "Vote Or Die" campaign that encouraged young adults to register and vote. The study says that initiatives like Diddy's "Vote Or Die" helped to increase the voter participation among votes aged 18-25. This year Diddy continued his effort by blogging his political views while Russell Simmons released a Barrack Obama mixtape with DJ Green Lantern.

    T.I. even got into the mix by signing on as a spokesperson for the Hip Hop Caucus. Last month the Hip Hop Caucus attempted to break the record for registering the the most people in one day.