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P Diddy Buys Enyce, Explains With Video – Watch Here

Posted By on October 22, 2008

    Diddy continues to add to his empire. The mogul bought Encye clothing from Liz Claiborne who bought the brand in 2003. With a new video blog [watch here] Diddy talked about buying the brand saying "I bought this brand to add to my portfolio of for my mini-fashion empire I'm trying to start" [watch here].  Diddy says "10 years ago I started with Sean Jean…and now to diversify my portfolio, today I made a smart business move, a true business move, they call me black buffet today, I am black buffet" [watch here].

    Diddy went on to give some advice to everyone that is trying to be a business person saying "in this time of depression and recession we have to do things that are smart as business people" continuing "there are opportunities in this beautiful country we call America." [watch here] "All the entrepreneurs out there, don't make risky decisions, make smart decisions." [watch here]

    Diddy explained what he planed to do with Enyce by saying "I'm the king of the remix…I'm going to remix the brand and make it hit like I make my records…The brand it is now isn't the brand it will be 6 months from now." [watch here]

P. Diddy – Talks About Buying Enyce