Jay Electronica & Diddy Make Up On Twitter

Jay Electronica & Diddy Make Up On Twitter

     Jay Electronica and Diddy settled their issues after it seemed like Diddy was pissed that Jay Electronica signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation label over the weekend. Check out them going back and forth on twitter.

"@iamdiddy you should be more clear than that too brother. betrayal is a serious allegation. real talk," Jay wrote Monday (November 15).
"@iamdiddy and you know im gonna be me so i aint gonna be holding my tongue if you gon be out here emotional and wreckless with it."
"#WhateverHappenedTo Congratulations Blackman, i'm happy for you."
"@iamdiddy Thank you Blackman. Now Lets GO!!!!#NoBitchassness in 2011. Lets GO!!!" (Jay Electronica's Twitter)

     Diddy responded to Jay later…

"Before we start the week off with Rumors. I am not mad at Jay Z! I'm not mad at anyone! Jz was not the friend I was referring 2 Be clear."
"Let's start the week off the right way! Spread Love people!+++energy! Take that! Hate is for chumps!! I Never Hate only Congratulate! Le go!"
"@JayElectronica I proud of you! I'm happy for you. I love you! I congratulate you' I'm not mad at you! All I wanna do is see you win! All love" (Diddy's Twitter)


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