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Diddy Pushes Fragrance On Home Shopping Network

Posted By on December 1, 2009

    Diddy, aka Sean Combs, appeared on the Home Shopping Network last night (November 30th) as the music mogul showcased his popular "I Am King" fragrance line by speaking on it's background. Diddy also offered customers a free Sean John bag if they made a purchase. "I Am King, I think when people first heard the statement, 'I Am King,' they thought I was talking about myself," Diddy explained on the show. "In all actuality, I was talking about the king in all of us. My grandmother brought me up to believe that you are who you say you are and if we call ourselves kings, we call ourselves queens, then we're more likely to be treated like that." [Diddy Appears On The Home Shopping Network – Watch Here]

    Diddy continued "I feel if we, as men, act as kings, we'll respect our women as queens…I want you to let them know that we made this [hand bag] exclusively for you guys, you can't find this in any other stores or outlet, that this is a one of a kind for you guys…A lot of people out there do not know what holiday gift to get. With this holiday gift, you cannot go wrong. I've given a lot of this as gifts, and believe me, I've had some happy friends that have received this gift." [Diddy Sells I Am King On HSN – Watch Here]

Diddy – Appears On The Home Shopping Network