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Another Ex-Bad Boy Artists Talks Being Dropped

Posted By on December 4, 2009

    Another former Bad Boy Records artist is coming forward to talk about P Diddy. G-Dep, the former rapper for Diddy, recently talked about being dropped by the rap-mogul and his popular label, even admitting he is currently fighting a drug problem. According to G-Dep, he was one of the artists that was forced to leave P Diddy's label. [Former Bad Boy Records Artists G Dep Talks Leaving The Label – Watch Here]

    "The death in my family, that was kinda when I really let it all go," Dep revealed in an interview with Ms. Drama. "I'm definitely trying to get a [label] situation, this is what I do. Before Bad Boy, I always did music…I haven't spoke to Black Rob in a while. Last conversation we had, we wrote each other…I'm day-to-day, like, it's really like, I'm really like struggling, you know what I'm saying? I just rely on positive thinking — right now, I got royalties and shows, whatever shows…It wasn't really no bad feelings before then. Just one day, I came to the studio and Puff was like 'Yo, it's highway time.' At that time, people had to be let go from the label, he had to make room for Loon, he had to cut off loose ends and I was just one of 'em." [G Dep Talks Being Dropped By P Diddy – Watch Here]

G Dep – Talks P Diddy Dropping Him From Bad Boy Records