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Diddy Does His Own Street Promotion (Video)

Posted By on December 9, 2010

     He isn't just a CEO of Bad Boy, he is also the head of his street marketing crew. P Diddy was recently out in the city doing promotion for his upcoming "Last Train To Paris" album.

"It's been a minute, I had to chill off the blogs for like, a good year and a half," Diddy said in a video. "I've been in the studio making that Last Train to Paris album. Album's done. I'm back out in the streets of New York. Shout-out out to L.A., Westside, thank y'all for the love. I was out in L.A. for like a year and a half. Man, it feels so good to be back home. I'm out here in these streets. This is my block right here. If y'all don't know what my block is, it's motherf*cking Broadway. Broadway's 'my' block…I own this sh*t and I'm back doing my thing. I'm back up in this b*tch. Walk with me, roll with me." (Train TV)

P Diddy – Out On The Streets Doing Promotion