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Last Train To Paris Party Host Talks Fire

Posted By on December 20, 2010

     Kevin Hart, the host for Diddy's recent "Last Train To Paris" release party, recently opened up about witnessing a model's hair catch on fire just inches away from him last week. Despite recalling the incident with a lot of humor, Trey Songz reaction to the flames got more laughs according to Hart.

"That might have been the funniest thing I've ever, like, personally witnessed," Hart said in an interview with Angela Yee. "And I'ma tell y'all what y'all laughing at. See, y'all laughing at the wrong stuff. You laughing at the hair going on fire– that's not the funniest part of the video. You watch the video again, okay? Lemme give you what's going on. It's me [Fabolous] and Trey [Songz], we all upstairs, you know, I'm doing the interview, right? You know we silly. Everybody's drinking; it's a good time, right? This is what I hear– let me tell you how funny Trey is. Trey is in sexy mode all the time. This is how Trey said the girl hair was on fire, 'Yo, her hair is on fire.' Listen. Full flame! She got full flames in the back of her head. Trey didn't have a panic. [Laughs]" (Power 105.1)

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