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Alleged Diddy Assault Victim Replies To Puff’s Statement

Posted By on February 26, 2008

The man who claims that P. Diddy punched him at a post-Oscars party last year has now replied to Diddy's declaration of his version of the event. On February 15th Diddy submitted a statement through his lawyers claiming that the alleged victim, Gerard Rechnitzer, lunged at him and that "any contact between Mr. Rechnitzer and myself was caused by his forward motion against my stationary open hand." The Los Angeles Independent is reporting that Rechnitzer's attorney submitted a reply to Diddys statement saying "People do not bounce off hands with their face/body, they get punched,’’ “The defense is engulfed in fantasy and not reality.’’ Rechnitzer's attorney wants Diddy's statements concerning his clients medical condition to be disregarded and asked for Diddy's finiancial records to be made available. P. Diddy has reportedly filed a cross-complaint denying any responsibility for the plaintiff’s injuries and placing the blame on a number of as-yet unnamed defendants.