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Aubrey O Day and D Woods kicked out of Danity Kane

Posted By on October 15, 2008

    Making the Band Live Finale was last night which we were told would find out the fate of Danity Kane.

    Not short into the program you find out that Diddy kicks Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods out of Danity Kane. He says its because they were hard to work with and it showed them getting into a small arguement. Aubrey kept asking why she didnt have any communication with Bad Boy. Diddy than did what he always talks about and displayed total BITCHASSNESS and started cuttin contracts. Kicking Aubrey out than quickly firing D. Woods after.

    But will this exit be for real? Or are they going to fix it or replace them?

    After declaring, “I am not the bad guy,” Diddy was a bit non-committal. “If there was a situation where the Aubrey that I signed ever showed up, I don’t know what the future could hold,” he said in a live interview with MTV’s Sway. “That young lady that was in front of me, that wasn’t really respectful of me and respectful of everybody else, I didn’t have any interest of going forward and working with that person.”

    O’Day arrived to the live show (Woods didnt show at all) and started talking about how she had left the building after hearing what Diddy had said about her. “This isn’t about me. This is about life. We’re all trying our best everyday. I know how many people are out there – people are criticizing you at your job, your friends are calling you things, people are telling you you’re something you’re not – and you fight those struggles every day to just prove who you are.”

    Her confrontation (via satellite) with Diddy was also odd, as he told her she was heading to a cold and lonely place because of her attitude, and all she had to say back to him was a complimented about his “I Heart Michelle Obama” t-shirt.

    Diddy than hinted that Making the Band is coming back for another season. Who knows if it will be with DK or not though. D. Woods will move on to work with her other group, The Girls Club, whereas the future is currently unclear for Aubrey.