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Posted By on July 8, 2004

As self-proclaimed leader of “The Gentleman’s Movement,” Fonzworth Bentley is hoping the success of his character will translate into album sales when his untitled debut is released.

Bentley, who recently changed his professional name from “Farnsworth” to “Fonzworth” for legal reasons, is recording the untitled album with Kanye West and others.

“Kanye West called me and said he wanted to produce my album and I wasn’t even thinking about anything like that,” Bentley told AllHipHop.com. “I’ve been doing some recording getting comfortable with the microphone.”

As a former “manservant” for P. Diddy, he took the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the entertainment world first hand. Despite appearing on MTV’s “Making of the Band” and making guest appearances in several high profile videos, Bentley said he didn’t know the job of being a rapper could be so trying.

“What these MC’s do is real serious,” Bentley explained. “Trying to keep your breath and all that, it’s difficult; it’s real serious what they do. Thank God for Pro-Tools when I’m in the booth. I did a one-taker the other day, and I did it four more times, but I’m getting a lot better.”

The album will feature Bentley rapping and singing and will serve as a means to showcase a talent most never knew he possessed.

“I’ve been playing the violin for about 8 years so you’re definitely gonna get a lot of that flavor,” he revealed. “I love classical music, but I’m just having fun with it.”

Joking and rhyming to the side, Bentley said that some of Diddy’s good habits rubbed off on him when he worked for the mogul.

In addition to appearing in a new Tommy Hilfiger jeans commerical, Bentley will launch his own line of umbrella’s, is hosting an MTV reality pilot and will act as “Arbiter of Good Taste” this fall on the “Most Exclusive Courvoisier VSOP Gentleman’s Tour.”

Here are Diddy’s five keys to success as told to AllHipHop.com by Bentley himself.

1. Work harder than everybody else.
2. Write as much down as you can. You can’t expect anyone to follow up like your gonna follow up when it’s your vision.
3. Definitely have faith in God. That was something that was real special for both of us, because I made it a point when I started to say “I’m going to church on Sunday” and that’s that. I put my foot down on that and next thing I know he [Diddy] started going with me, so that was good.
4. I would have to say sign all your own checks. All these artists with accountants and all these other people who do what they’re supposed to be doing, Oprah got more money than all these people and she signs every check.
5. Learn how to tie a tie, I’m just throwing that in there. Be a real man. A real man knows how to tie a tie and drive a stick. And that’s all I’m saying about that.

Source: All Hip Hop