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Diddy Sicks Lawyers On Website For Being Too Close To His Past Nick-Name

Posted By on June 2, 2008

    Sean "Diddy" Combs doesn't miss the little things. According to reports, Diddy has sicked his lawyers on a website called Cuff-Daddy.com Diddy says the website, a small family-owned cufflink seller, has a name that is way too similar to his. Although Diddy has changed his name many times and now isn't known as "Puff Daddy," he feels the website should change it's name.

    Cuff-Daddy.com says they got their name from the owner, a proud dad who sells cufflinks. The owners of the company told TMZ that they are going to post a disclaimer on the site to minimize any confusion about the name. Cuff-Daddy hopes to resolve the problem with Diddy and quick as possible, saying they are in no way trading on his name.