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Diddy’s 10 Tips For A New Year

Posted By on December 17, 2007

Diddy Put out his "10 Tips For A New Year's To Remember". I don't know if you guys care, but the guy does know how to throw a party, they are legendary. So if you care to check it out, do so below…

Diddy's 10 Tips for a New Year's to Remember

10. Your party spot has to set the tone for the night… It creates the
-blueprint for the entire evening.

9. A great bartender… Bad drinks aren't sexy… Also beautiful
-wait-staff are key…

8. Food should never interrupt your swagger… Small tapas or finger
-foods that aren't too messy tend to work well.

7. Music should be the soundtrack to the night… It should match the
-theme… It should match the flow.

6. Preserve the sexy… My oldest and truest party rule. If it's about
-furs and diamonds, don't show up in jeans.

5. The right party people… Your tried-and-true friends that know how
-to get your party started mixed with a few new characters to keep things exciting… but everyone has to be sexy.

4. You need a great pair of shades… Because the best New Year's Eve
-party doesn't stop until well into the New Year.

3. You need a great host… Like me… Someone who is a master in the
-art of celebration.

2. Ciroc… The world's best ultra-premium vodka… Enough said.

1. It's never sexy to be sloppy… know your limits and drink responsibly.