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Don’t Jail Diddy – Says Alleged Victim

Posted By on October 18, 2007

The man allegedly slugged by hip-hop mogul Sean (Diddy) Combs doesn't want to see the star locked up by cops.

Steven Acevedo "is not a vindictive, meanspirited individual," his lawyer Mark Heller said on Wednesday. "He is not motivated to propel Sean Combs into jail."

Acevedo, 31, said Combs punched him twice in the mouth early Saturday at SoHo's Kiosk club. The two allegedly traded insults over Acevedo's ex-girlfriend, who is dating Combs, sources said.

During the beatdown, Acevedo told cops, a member of Combs' entourage boasted, "We won't shoot you. You can even hold our guns," sources said.

No weapon was displayed, and no witnesses saw a gun, sources said.

Acevedo filed a police report, which could result in Combs being arrested and issued a desk appearance ticket for misdemeanor assault, the sources said.

But Combs' lawyer Benjamin Brafman said the two men were interested in settling the matter outside the courtroom.

Heller said Acevedo was not out to make a quick buck. He noted that if the Manhattan district attorney requires him to testify in a case against Combs, "he will have no choice but to fulfill his duty," Heller said.

Police sources said the matter would likely be settled privately, with Acevedo dropping the complaint.