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Paul Wall & Project Pat Chime In On Obama

Posted By on January 26, 2009

    Paul Wall and Project Pat gave their two cents on the new President recently. Paul Wall told SOHH "Well I wish he'd bring us out of this recession. I know it's gon' happen eventually I just hope it happens sooner than later. I read on the internet somewhere that 500,000 people are going to lose their jobs in January. It's hard seeing people like that, down and out." Paul Wall will be releasing his new album "Fast Life" on March 24th plus he is heading out to do his 2nd USO tour performing for the troops stationed in the Persian Gulf.

    Although he was just sworn in, Project Pat says he's happy with the moves Obama has made so far saying "To be honest I think that man has done enough already. He became the president. I tip my hat off to him. It's a blessing. There's just no more he can do. He cool with me." Project Pat is currently working on his new album "Real Recognize Real."