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Paul Wall’s Wife Gives Details On Rapper Wife Show

Posted By on May 12, 2009

    The infamous "True Hollywood Stories: Rapper Wives" airs tomorrow on the E! network (May 13th). The new special will give an inside and candid look on hip-hop's family men and their relationships with their leading ladies. Focussing on prominent rappers like DMX, Mos Def, Paul Wall, Luke Campbell and Big Pun.

    "People automatically think a rapper is involved with drugs and hoes — anything negative — so automatically, they assume that a rapper’s wife is gonna be some kind of hoodrat," Crystal Wall, wife of Paul Wall said. [watch here] "The show is gonna expose the good, bad and the ugly, and also that the stereotypical idea of what a rapper’s wife would be is not necessarily the truth."

    So what will the wifes say? Well Paul Wall's wife says "You see the family man side of him — just everything aside from the grills, the gold teeth, and the diamonds and all that," she revealed. [watch here] "You always see that side of him when he’s rapping, but when he’s home, he’s a whole different person. He’s just laid-back and chill, enjoying being with family. You might also see us at the gun range, so you’ll see our gangsta side, too." [watch here]

Paul Wall & His Wife Talk On E! True Hollywood Special