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Paul Wall

Paul Wall Just Wants To Survive (Video)

Posted By on July 28, 2010

     Paul Wall recently spoke about why he is confident that he will survive the recent decline in album sales saying he feels the opportunity to put out new music is his greatest advantage.

      "I'm blessed to have another album come out. I'm blessed to be able to do what I love to do: make music," he said in an interview. "We find ways to make up for the lack of album sales, but we don't really do it for the album sales. I want my fanbase to be happy with music I make. In the industry these days, people want hits more than they want good music. As long as you got one good radio hit you can sell an album, but you got on radio hit and the rest be a wack album. I'd rather have a good solid album, all the way through. I think that's where I made a name for myself — making good music. Even though I haven't really had too many big smash hits, I've been having good music. Every album got good quality music … good solid albums."

Paul Wall – Footage (Seeks Survival Of Rap Sales)