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Paul Wall

Paul Wall Preps New Album With Help From Travis Barker

Posted By on September 25, 2008

    After going through the recent Hurricane Ike that hit his home town of Houston, Paul Wall is getting back to work on his new album called "The Fast Life." Chamillionaire, Keak Da Sneak and Lil' Keke are scheduled to appear on the new album while Akon sings on the first single, "Girl Is on Fire [listen here]." Paul Wall says "You know how Akon is. When he gets on there, and he just shut it off, he turned everything upside down," continuing, "Just like
he did on every other song, he produced it as well. We swap out here and there."

    Paul Wall's friend Travis Barker, recently in the news for surviving a plane crash, worked on Paul Walls new album. "He produced a few songs on my last album and a few on my upcoming one too. One of them is called 'I've Got to Get Mo'; that one's the best. Another one is called 'Ride It to the End.' Another one is called 'Pop One of These.' We have a lot of fun in the studio every time we get together. 'I've Got to Get Mo' is with an artist named Koby singing the chorus on there. Travis did the production, and he kind of came to me with the idea for the song: 'We got to get it, we got to get out there and hustle, and get our grind on.' That's what the song is about, because work-related wise, you just put in your hours, and you reap the benefits."