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Paul Wall

Paull Wall Attacks Fan During Show? (Video)

Posted By on September 28, 2010

     There has been many rumors and stories going around but now there is actual video of Paul Wall allegedly attacking a fan during the Low Low Car Show in San Antonio, TX over the recently. According to TMZ.com, it all went down yesterday.

     It all went down Sunday night at the Low Low Car Show in San Antonio, Texas — Paul Wall was performing on stage with rapper Slim Thug … when some dumb*ss in the front row threw a middle finger in Paul's face. Paul can be seen exchanging a few words with the guy — right before the rapper winds up and beats him several times with his mic. We're told the finger-waving fan got tossed out — and so far, no police report has been filed. Paul's rep declined to comment. (TMZ)

Paul Wall – Bangs Fan With Microphone At Car Show