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Paul Wall

Paul Wall & Andy Milonakis Join Forces

Posted By on March 10, 2006

Paul Wall and Andy Milonakis Join Forces, Save Mankind. Paul Wall is the latest rapper to play himself by making a totally senseless appearance on MTV2’s Andy Milonakis show. After Milonakis loses his teeth, courtesy of some stiff laffy taffy, the People’s Champ comes into to save the day with one of his trademark grillz. Like Snoop Dogg, Black Eyed Peas and Lil’ Jon before him, Wall steps out of the TV set to lend a hand to Andy. In his best tooth fairy impersonation, Wall hits his grillz three times with a wand to make a platinum mouth piece appear. The two then demonstrate the grillz’s biting efficiency by teething through a spoon, a frying pan, diamonds and apple sauce. Wall then warns Andy to only use his grillz for good. Moments later, the two discover that one of Andy’s buddies, Ralphie, has a leg stuck in a blender. Rather than unhooking it, Paul and Andy put their grillz to use and bite through his lims until he’s free.
Source: SOHH