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Pharrell Talks New Business & His Work Ethic

Posted By on January 25, 2010

     Pharrell Williams recently gave a key not speech at the Midem music conference in which the Neptunes producer talked about about a new business business, not to mention his non-stop work ethic. "Basically [I have] no social life," Pharrel said about working hard. "I feel like if you spend most of your time doing what you really love then maybe you can get something good done. And sometimes it's a struggle because I get so excited about things and I always have my team to remind me, 'Look, you don't really have any more room on your back for yet another venture."

     Pharrell then went on to talk about his new venture. "It's hard to describe [the project] and describe the challenges without saying what it is. It's just early but I can't wait for you guys to see it. It's something that we've been like sorta chiseling away at for like a couple of years now. And I don't know, I think we're looking at September maybe? Right around September, you'll go, 'Oh, that's what he was talking about.' And it'll be cool to kinda get your feedback, either online or see faces on the streets just to see you say, 'Hey I like it' or 'What are you thinking?' but those are the challenges."

Pharrell – Key Note Speech At Midem Conference