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Pharrell Williams Officially Becomes An “Other”

Posted By on May 17, 2011

     Nerd group member, slash Neptunes producer, Pharrell Williams continues to expand his resume with the announcement that he plans to launch a new social media platform called "I Am Other." Described as a “content-driven property that spotlights new musicians, filmmakers, designers, artists and innovators through online, mobile and retail channels, TV shows and films," the new project should be live soon. Pharell will use the new project to recommend producers and experiences for his fans, target age being 16 to 25, to buy.

"It's for people who think other," he said. “The first installment (of I Am Other) is about delivering those experiences through products, excursions, anything that is tangible to a human that can make their life easier. […] A lot companies claim they can make the world better. We want to make lives easier and unlock what normally would seem impossible possible."


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